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quiet riot

Attention All Tiny House People:

Today the quiet riot moves on! Yes we are making progress….slow yes but it is in the right direction!  As of this morning the Mayor of Anderson County Tennessee has agreed with me that she and I will start group meeting or meetings with other people in the know….to hash out basic outlines for building “Tiny Houses” in our county and then present our ideas to the State of Tennessee to make our recommendations accepted state wide .

I highly suggest that if you plan on building your own tiny house that you should build from architect drawn plans and then pay to have them approved by a structural engineer before you build…..if you are an architect have you plans approved and stamped my a structural engineer……totally do not understand why if plans are drawn by an architect why the stamp of approval by the engineer is needed, but having my house inspected by a structural engineer and passing his inspection would allow me to park my house almost anywhere.

Please send me your ideas on what you think are reasonable building practices and ideas you want to see available in tiny house construction……what codes seem to be the biggest hurdle for you and you want to see away around it…..just remember that the codes that are in place where meant to keep us safe……so think safe, but just outside the box.

Lets put our heads together and give this some serious thinking and let’s make changes in the laws so that it is not so difficult to live in the Tiny House of our dreams!


                 Once a Tiny Houser…..always a Tiny Houser

                                          All the best



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